Description of the picture by Nina Vatolina "News from the Front"

Description of the picture by Nina Vatolina

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The picture was created at the most intense moment of World War II. Then life was divided into two worlds: the bloodshed and cruelty of battles on the front lines and the long expectations of mothers, wives, children in the rear. Each news met with awe and hope. Just the moment of receiving the news and displayed on his canvas Nina Vatolina.

She connected on the canvas two worlds: here is the soldier who brought the news from the front line and the seed of his colleague, who eagerly receives news.

The soldier sits with his back to the viewer, but you can still see that he will not stay here for a long time. He is holding a cap in his hands, but he never took off his overcoat. The soldier just crouched to rest after a long journey.

A gray-haired woman sits next to him at the table, her mother holding a little girl on her lap. The granddaughter is sleeping, not realizing the alarming moment that is happening in the house. And the wife and eldest daughter, with bated breath, read a letter written by a person dear to them.

The wife, running through the lines, peers into each of them with alarm and hope, because they were written by the hand of her beloved husband, because this is a guarantee that he is still alive. The same thrill is felt in the older girl: she catches every word of the mother from her father’s letter, looking at the letters drawn by his hand from time to time.

It seems that time has stopped and the world has stopped: for those present in the room there is nothing more important than writing, they live this moment, trying to prolong it. The family forgot about their worries, did not even finish dinner. But no one remembers this: the most important thing now is a letter from her husband and father, written by him in moments of calm between the battles.

Even the guest did not remain indifferent, he also carefully listens to news in the front, although he himself could tell no less. But the joy of the moment allowed him to forget about the experience for a minute.

The sunlight that penetrates through the window only enhances the sensations of joy and hope that settled in the house with the arrival of news from the front. The close person remained alive and healthy. Soviet troops are now advancing, and the end of the war is getting closer every day.

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