Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh "Peasant and Peasant Woman Planting Potatoes"

Description of the painting by Vincent Van Gogh

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The canvas is one of Van Gogh's early works. The picture describing the work of peasants was created by the master in 1885. During this period, the artist struggled with himself: he longed to master the classical techniques and techniques of painting, but the lack of education became an obstacle on the way. These failures painfully responded to the creative soul of a genius. The hardest things for Van Gogh were figures of people. The inability to depict a person on the canvas caused irritation and despair.

Difficulties with the image of a man made themselves felt static images, the awkwardness of their movements. But at the same time, the figures, which were deprived of the dynamics, turned into a piece of unspiritualized nature around them, merging with the earth.

These features of the human figure are reflected in the guise of a peasant and a peasant woman engaged in work. The artist depicted them like two rocks. They amaze with their power and strong connection with the soil on which they stand. This effect is only enhanced by the high horizon line, which was made by the artist intentionally. But in connection with the land the essence of peasant life lies: without the land, the peasant does not exist - then he is nobody.

Even shadows, long and dark, are the shackles with which the peasants are tied to the ground. The low horizon only tilts the figures even further, reducing the distance to the ground. The bent postures symbolize not the low position of the peasants in society, but their respect for the nurse.

Created in the spirit of realism, the canvas does not lose its integrity and deep meaning due to the slight awkwardness of the depicted people or inaccuracy in their proportions. The composition, like the color scheme, are in harmony, confirming the correctness of the color scheme.

The whole picture speaks of the artist's deep respect for the peasants and their work. The monumental figures that stand so firmly on the earth will not allow the abyss of humanity and humanity.

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