Description of the engraving by Albrecht Durer "The Knight, Death and the Devil"

Description of the engraving by Albrecht Durer

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“Knight, Death and the Devil” - a medieval engraving by Dürer depicting a Christian knight passing through a narrow gorge. His horse stands proudly, carries the rider with dignity and lightness, despite the fact that the knight is chained in armor.

A dog runs under the hooves of the horse, striving to keep up, the knight himself holds a spear on his shoulder, his sword in the scabbard at his thigh, he only looks forward, without turning his head, although unpleasant, terrible companions come next to him.

Death on a drained, pale horse, squeezes an hourglass in his bony hand, reminding the knight that his earthly path is not eternal. She is braided by snakes, she has no eyes, and the fact that she triumphs last seems injustice. The devil goes behind, on his shoulder is a spear, his face is miserable, pork, elongated - he is like a beggar at someone else's table. But as soon as the knight stumbles, he will attack the fallen, begin to tear with sharp pork fangs.

And at the bottom of the gorge - skulls, bones, a lone lizard, a dagger dropped from someone's hand. All this remained from the previous knights, who trembled, who could not rein in their fear and direct it forward. The armor of faith which cracked under the gaze of death.

The living knight does not know fear. He is protected by the presence of God behind him. Just as his body is dressed in armor that will not miss someone else’s blow, so the soul is clothed with faith that will withstand any temptation. Despite the vague sense of danger that the picture inspires - will the knight get out safely, will he be able to resist the empty eye sockets of death? - I believe in the best.

The knight is moving very confidently forward, and his horse, feeling the master’s confidence, does not add a step in vain. It goes slowly, majestically, without showing a single drop of fear. Only a dog, keenly aware of how dangerous the companions of the owner is, looks scared and runs forward, almost overtaking a horse.

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