Description of the painting by Vladimir Serov “Walkers by Lenin”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Serov “Walkers by Lenin”

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Soviet artist Vladimir Serov painted a series of paintings dedicated to the leader of the Union republics - V.I. To Lenin. “Walkers by Lenin” is one of such canvases created in 1950. As the government minister of art, he chose the genre of socialist realism.

This picture is well known and easy to understand. On a small canvas Serov fit four figures: Lenin and peasants. They squeeze in an office in Smolny at a small table, three of them are sitting, one man, during a long conversation, rested his hand on the back of a chair. By this method of depicting figures, the artist wanted to expressively indicate the closeness of the leader and the common people, their unity. The peasant men are a working people, they did not have time to take off their fur coats.

Lenin in a strict black suit, holds a pen and notebook for notes on the table. The gray-bearded old man speaks about the needs of the peasants, about the life of the country, with soft gestures of his hand accompanies the speech. The other two men are silent, and they are all fixed on Lenin. Confidence in a high-ranking representative of the authorities is read in their eyes, they are sure that the needs of the village will be heard and the wise leader knows exactly how to solve any of their problems.

With such attention, peasants listen to Lenin that the audience has the same desire to trust him, with a light soul to hand over their fate and the fate of the city, country and world.

Serov’s realism is visible in a detailed unadorned description of the faces, hands and clothes of peasants: the skin is roughened, wrinkled, gray beards and locks of hair on their heads turn white.

The painting successfully shows the intimacy of the conversation, even some warmth and love. We see the head of the Soviet Union as a caring patron for ordinary people who are far from state affairs.

Serov received an honorary State Prize for the painting “Walkers at Lenin”.

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