Description of the fresco by Michelangelo Buanarroti “The Fall and the Expulsion from Paradise”

Description of the fresco by Michelangelo Buanarroti “The Fall and the Expulsion from Paradise”

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It took 3 weeks for the artist Michelangelo to create a fresco depicting the fall of mankind. Even at night, he worked on his work, and for the consecration of Michelangelo he attached lighted candles to his hat.

The image consists of two parts. In its left part people commit original sin. On the right side of the fresco, Adam and Eve, driven by an angel, leave paradise. A sprawling tree divides these two episodes.

In the temptation scene depicted on the left, viewers see the first people in the shadow of the dense foliage of the tree of knowledge. He is surrounded by a tempter in the guise of a woman with a snake tail. Adam and Eve, the first people to embody the ideal and majestic human beauty, raise their hands to the tree of good and evil. Michelangelo, using the game of chiaroscuro and natural U-turns, made their movements graceful and harmonious. Although in biblical history it was the woman who persuaded the man to disobey God, the artist makes Adam the protagonist of the fresco, and Eve simply sits at his feet.

On the left side, the viewer can see a picture where people have already violated God's warning and committed a sin for which they have been punished. An angel holding a sword in his hand drives out the first people and blocks their way back to paradise. A grimace of pain and fear, mixed with repentance, slides over Adam's face. Eve, wraps her hands helplessly. She does not dare to raise her head in front of an angel, as she feels her guilt and fears retribution. Now people do not seem like beautiful creatures, humiliation, fear and repentance distorted their faces.

To this day, a fresco depicting the human fall flaunts on the arches of the famous Sistine Chapel. Due to the fact that the work of Michelangelo took place under the very ceiling of the cathedral, the artist used laconic lines in his creations, avoiding intricate curls and small details.

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