Description of the painting by Fedor Reshetnikov “Boys”

Description of the painting by Fedor Reshetnikov “Boys”

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Fedor Pavlovich Reshetnikov - Soviet artist. He is a representative of a genre such as socialist realism, where reality and censorship dominate. Therefore, many of Reshetnikov’s paintings show the mood not only of the author, but of all eras as a whole.

The painting "Boys" was painted in 1971. On it we see three boys who look at the sky with enthusiasm. Perhaps they make a wish on a shooting star, and perhaps they dream of going to space one day. Indeed, it was then in the USSR that there was a “cosmic” mood, which was associated with Gagarin’s flight into space.

The picture is made in dark colors. Background - the starry sky is shown to us in dark blue, purple. And only three bright spots in the picture. These are the three boys who are the main characters. The boy in the center, shows a finger to the sky. And the other two boys enthusiastically open their mouths, looking up. And how can one not believe that they really saw something there? Be it a star, a nebula, or maybe they noticed an unidentified flying object?

One thing is clear - the boys are delighted and surprised, it is clear that they like what they saw. Maybe they tell each other tales about space inhabitants, or maybe they decide that someday they will go into space on a rocket. The author of the picture makes us understand that the boys found their dream. After all, only with a dreamer can eyes so burn.

According to the clothes of the boys, it is mono to understand that the action takes place in the warm season. And the background tells us that night has come, and the boys went out onto the roof to admire and discuss their dream. The city falls asleep, and only three boys do not sleep. They enthusiastically think about their future and their dream.

Reshetnikov’s picture is clear to everyone. And the main idea is to show the desire and excitement of not only the boys, but also all the inhabitants of that time.

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