Description of the painting of Jerome Bosch “Adoration of the Magi”

Description of the painting of Jerome Bosch “Adoration of the Magi”

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I. Bosch created several triptychs on biblical themes, one of the last being “Adoration of the Magi”. The main part of the work shows the main plot. Our Lady is located in front of the house and shows the baby.

Magi lay gifts at the feet of a woman. The picture depicts the moment of sacrifice, Abraham is going to sacrifice his son. Such an event symbolizes the sacrifice of Christ, namely his crucifixion on the cross.

On the chest of a magician is depicted a scene from the Old Testament. The peasants are watching this scene, they peek around the corner and even climb onto the roof. The artist portrayed the Magi, moving away from the generally accepted rules. Prior to this, the Magi were portrayed only by Jews.

The peasants do not look so peaceful and harmonious, they even behave arrogantly and look wretched with worthy magicians. The person standing in the doorway attracts attention. He is dressed only in a shirt and cloak, on his head is a crown, and he looks hopefully at the baby. His face exudes joy, while most characters express hostility.

On the cloth of this character’s clothes are demons, perhaps he is the devil himself, and most of those around him are his retinue. In the hand, this man holds one of the helmets of the Magi, which speaks of his superiority and leading position.

Drawings on the clothes of a black king shows his belonging to paganism. The sky turns into golden reflections, this technique the artist often uses in his work.

An understandable biblical scene would seem, but small details speak of evil that is scattered everywhere. Drawings on clothes, unusual character poses, animals and gifts all this form a single picture with a deep philosophical meaning.

Animals symbolize the obstacles that await any person on a difficult life path, the struggle with them is the whole existence. The painter depicted many characters and an endless distance, showing the scale of the world and its diversity. All the images of the picture are multifaceted; they cannot be characterized by certain features.

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