Description of the painting Rene Magritte "Insight"

Description of the painting Rene Magritte

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Magritte Rene wrote his works in the style of surrealism, but nevertheless, in every work there is a deep philosophical meaning and part of realism.

The work "Insight" at first glance seems ordinary and even primitive, although it is made in the same style as all the paintings of the artist.

An autobiographical canvas, the artist displayed himself at work. The man is sitting concentrated at the easel, in one hand he has a brush, and in the other a palette.

The artist is focused on work. The picture shows an almost finished image of a bird. The man is turned, his face can be well seen. The painter looks at the egg, and draws a bird. This is the meaning of the unusual plot.

The artist in his canvases reflected his individual, personally his vision of the world. In this work, Magritte shows the transformation of thought, his thought. This work explains why he depicts so ordinary objects through the prism of his perception of the world around him. An egg turns into a bird, and philosophers of the whole world are still arguing about what was primary. Such a transformation of the vital rudiment also shows all life.

The artist very accurately conveyed the essence of existence itself, life in its understanding. This unusual outlook on things allows you to create original compositions.

The painter is turned to the lying egg, apparently in order to catch the details of the object. He does not just keep the image in his head, he draws details, for which it is simply necessary to carefully study the form and features.

This attitude to work and perception of the subject is unusual and speaks of the individual approach of the master to painting. The situation in the room is the most ordinary, there is nothing superfluous, the artist is focused on work, nothing distracts him.

Magritte shows that in order to create a picturesque masterpiece, there is no need to organize luxurious scenery, surroundings and a certain atmosphere.

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