Description of the painting by Alexander Deineka “Mother”

Description of the painting by Alexander Deineka “Mother”

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A.A. Deineka wrote the work “Mother” in difficult times for the country. It was during the war years that a person completely overestimates life and for him, native people become more important.

The artist depicted the image of his mother severely and even rudely. This is not to say that the painter depicted a particular woman, he created the image of a certain type. The picture shows a woman with a baby in her arms. The child sleeps, hugging his mother with one hand around his neck, and the other hand hang helplessly.

The woman is depicted on a neutral background, completely not bright and at first glance you can not notice the frankness of this scene. The heroine of the work is naked and, having looked closely, you can see her naked chest. The artist depicted the image of his mother absolutely independent of specific living conditions or everyday situations.

Mother as such is observed, she is not just naked, her feelings and emotions are naked. This is not a production shot, this woman displays the general condition of all women who have felt the joy of motherhood.

The painter softly depicted this limitless feeling, only on the face can you barely catch the interweaving of maternal emotions. She turned her head to the child and looks at him carefully, in the expression of her face you can read the depth of her care and love. This is a strong woman and her strength lies precisely in motherhood.

The birth of a child tempers a woman and she is ardently ready to protect her child’s sleep. The child in the arms of a woman seems so fragile and defenseless.

The lack of clothing symbolizes the purity of feelings, the absence of any obstacles in their manifestation. This is pure motherhood in all its manifestations.

A feeling of closeness and unity of the child and mother. This is a cosmic continuous connection, which is understood only by two, and the hand of a baby hugging her mother, and her soft look, all speaks of tenderness and develops into an infinity of feelings, emotions and love.

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