Description of the painting by Alexander Deinek "Relay"

Description of the painting by Alexander Deinek

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Among the Soviet eminent painters, Alexander Deineka became famous as the author of life-affirming solar paintings devoted to the perfect moral and physical appearance of a person.

The artist painted canvases about sports, about the eternal movement of a human being for the better. He openly admitted his sincere admiration for swimmers, runners, skiers and wrestlers. In his opinion, sport is able to ennoble, heal and educate.

"Relay" - a canvas of 1947 of writing. In the first post-war years, an atmosphere of new hope, rebirth and peace reigned. Deineka captured this time in the created canvases.

"Relay" was embodied in the outline of the painter made on the day of May Day celebration. Then in Moscow on the big avenue - the Garden Ring - there were held traditional sports competitions. We see a wide road marked by a white dotted line, closely standing tall houses on the side of the road. A tree blossoming with greenery between the buildings and a fresh bouquet of lilacs in the woman’s hands echo about spring, about May and a good holiday.

There are not so many spectators of the competition. But all of them: couples with children, military men and passers-by simply attracted by a joyful event, are healthy, ruddy, strict, but smiling.

We see six athletes: three pairs of guys and girls. Their figures are stately, strong, strong; persons are immersed in the process of sports. The fair-haired girl, who has already passed the baton to her partner, smiles triumphantly and happily into the eyes of the person looking at the picture.

Flags with emblems of sports organizations fly over the heads of Soviet citizens. The sky calmly and peacefully harbors everything that happens on the “B” ring.

The canvas size is more than 3 by 2 meters. It is now located in the homeland of its creation, in the Tretyakov Gallery, rich in world masterpieces.

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