Description of the painting by Vladimir Gavrilov “The Last Cornflowers”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Gavrilov “The Last Cornflowers”

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The painting The Last Cornflowers was painted by V. N. Gavrilov shortly before his own death in 1970.

In this connection, many critics consider this painting as a symbol of a passing life, since its main theme is autumn motifs, noticed by the artist in nature.

The central place in the picture is reserved for a huge bouquet of blue field cornflowers placed in an ordinary white pan. The flowers are registered with wide, smeared strokes, which do not allow to distinguish the stems of the plant from its flowers.

The artist used bright saturated colors that did not allow the canvas to fade even after several decades. In addition to cornflowers, there are other important details in the picture, but all of them are significantly inferior in importance to these simple colors.

So, next to the cornflowers there is another container with flowers, this time red. Apparently - these are asters. Unfortunately, it is impossible to understand how true this assumption is, since the considered part of the picture is darkened, a shadow from a large bouquet of cornflowers and windowsill on which they are located falls on it. The windowsill is not interesting, it is just an interior in which there is a bouquet of cornflowers.

The background of the picture is drawn even less than the cornflowers. Behind a wide, well-lit window you can see an eared cornfield, flocks of birds and a small forest. The landscape outside the window is unpretentious, but somewhat sad, which allows us to talk about the imminent approach of autumn.

It is likely that the collected cornflowers will be the last this year, because their presence in the picture is more than symbolic. It is possible that this cornflower bouquet is destined to be dried and discarded, but now it is he who is the only ray of light that still illuminates the life of the artist.

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