Description of the Soviet poster “Night is not a hindrance to work”

Description of the Soviet poster “Night is not a hindrance to work”

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One of the strengths of the Soviet regime was a powerful propaganda policy. From the stands, loud slogans were pronounced, which were information weapons. They strongly motivated citizens, set society on the right mindset.

Soviet people remember all these propaganda slogans to this day. Of course, posters played a huge role in this policy. They were hung around the country: in the streets, industries, clubs and other public places. Everywhere a worthy hard worker was watching people.

The poster “Night at work is not a hindrance” is one of the brightest examples of such agitation. It was created for agricultural workers, but served as good propaganda for other industries. The work of an agricultural worker is hard, and the authorities, of course, understood this.

Plowing land at night in a field is not weak people. And in order to motivate the workers, a poster was created showing the agricultural worker proud of his labor. He illuminates the darkness of the night with a bright spotlight, thereby facilitating the work of his colleague.

The man’s face is full of confidence, it is open and bright. That showed everyone that people worked in the USSR who knew that they were creating a great country. And agriculture has always been one of the strengths of our state.

Such posters would be relevant in our time, when night work became the norm. Many industries operate around the clock, of course, people get tired. But when there is support, correct and strong motivation, then labor becomes many times easier. A person does not forget for a minute the goal to which he aspires.

Soviet times are long gone, but many of us pronounce phrases that have long become winged in our ordinary lives. Many of them were once written on propaganda posters. They motivated then, they do it now.

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