Description of Vasily Perov's painting “Birds”

Description of Vasily Perov's painting “Birds”

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The painting of the Birds was created by Vasily Grigorievich Perov in 1870. Canvas and oil were used to paint the canvas. The scene depicted in the picture was noticed by the artist during his walk through the autumn forest, therefore the picture can rightfully be considered realistic.

The central place on the canvas is reserved for a young youth, still quite a boy and an old man with long gray hairs. The boy, apparently, the son of a wealthy landowner, is sitting on the grass, with one hand resting on his knee, and the other, holding a bird cage. His clothes are simple, but elegant, because the viewer has no doubt that he is the leader in this company.

Next to the boy, completely spread out on the rare grass, lies an old man. He is dressed in a simple black shirt and has bast shoes on his feet. The old man’s lips have a small pipe with which he tries to lure a bird. Carefully looking at the surroundings, you can notice in the left corner of the picture several skeins of flagellations and snares for catching birds.

The young breeders and his elderly traveler prepared thoroughly, they do not plan to return home without prey, so they patiently wait. They need a bird to decorate the house, they will not need anything and will find freedom next spring, having spent winter time in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The boy and the old man just fulfill the ancient custom, in which there is something mysterious and magical. They do not want to do harm to the pichugs, but only seek to protect them from snowstorms and snowstorms that are about to take possession of this land.

The environment surrounding the birders is similar to a fairy tale, which is not surprising, because this painting was written by Perov in collaboration with the famous painter Savrasov, which was reflected in beautiful centuries-old trees that served as the background for this painting.

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