Description of the sculpture by Antonio Canova "Cupid and Psyche"

Description of the sculpture by Antonio Canova

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The creator of the famous work "Cupid and Psyche" is the Italian author Antonio Canova. The famous master made her marble to order. It was in 1787 in the Italian city of Naples, the Scottish Baron Cowdor wanted to have such a figure in his collection.

The fragment was borrowed from the work “Metamorphoses or the Golden Donkey”, written by the author Apuleius from Ancient Rome.

Two sculptures were created.

The first is the most famous. In it, Cupid animates Psyche with a kiss. And this moment of awakening was captured by the author. Lovers hug each other. Cupid gently lifts Psyche, who woke up from a long sleep. She fell into this state due to the fact that she was very curious. Having brought amphorisks from the realm of the dead by order of Venus, Psyche opened it, although she was strictly forbidden to do so.

The second sculpture depicts the heroes of the work standing. Cupid hugs Psyche, who laid her head on his shoulder. They look at the butterfly, stand on a dais, at their feet there is an ornament of flower garlands. The top of the base could be twisted using the built-in handle.

But since there were difficulties with transportation, these creations stood for a long time in the workshop of Canova. People went to visit him to admire the great creations. On a frosty February 1798 day, troops led to General Bertier arrived in Rome. And in 1801, Joachim Murat bought the work, which became a year ago a relative of Napoleon, who married his sister Caroline.

The sculptures were taken to a suburban mansion near Paris. And a year later, the sculptor Canova came to the palace of Villiers-la-Garenne to look at how his masterpieces were installed. In the early nineteenth century, Murat made his possessions wider, creating a house similar to a palace. And twenty years later, compositions already in the collection of the emperor, got into the museum of the Louvre.

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