Description of the sculpture by Giovanni Bernini "David"

Description of the sculpture by Giovanni Bernini

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According to an ancient legend written in the Bible, a young and brave young man, David, with a stone, who released him from a sling, killed the formidable giant Goliath. And during the Renaissance, many artists and sculptors took this plot as the basis of their creation.

The image of David included power, nobility and showed heroism in all its glory. Therefore, in compositions of the fifteenth century they showed him the winner.

Bernini in his work showed a slightly different direction: dynamics, mental stress and movement. His statue captured an episode of the battle itself.

Bernini put his creation in a row with famous works. He showed David who was preparing for the attack, collecting all his strength and will. The statue looks at the enemy with a tense and hating look.

The young man is serious: his eyebrows are frowned, his lips are bitten. His posture is tilted, his head is slightly tilted back. David swung, aiming at his opponent. The statue depicts a rebel who lives a hectic life filled with drama. Bernini completed his work in the early Baroque style.

The sculptor tried not to imitate the Pergamon Altar. Bernini created his creation not as a separate figure, but as a pair composition. It focuses on the adversary of David. By the look and pose of him it is immediately clear where his opponent is. The space that is between them has a certain charge belonging to the statue. This is the difference between Bernini's work and classical baroque.

In the seventeenth century, his statue attracted much public attention. It includes the illusion of the living presence of heroes. And also looking at the figure, you can immediately understand what the hero will do next. You can read all the emotions and feelings of David on your face, so the author was able to clearly sculpt and immortalize them.

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