Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Glass of wine”

Description of the painting by Jan Vermeer “Glass of wine”

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Vermeer's work “A Glass of Wine” was written in 1660, and is currently in Germany at the Berlin Art Gallery.

The artist depicts two acting characters male and female. The girl emptied the vessel with wine, and the man who is nearby sets himself the goal of drinking it with alcohol.

The roles that the heroes of the artist should play do not manifest themselves. Perhaps this is an image of some intimate moment in the relationship of young people, a kind of manifestation of signs of attention.

The canvas contains a wide variety of characters, invisible to the observer at first sight. For example, a musical instrument lying on a chair - a lyre, window stained-glass windows - they serve as a kind of sobriety, which makes the atmosphere more intense. The landscape on the wall, executed in dark colors, speaks of the mystery of the meeting of the girl and the young man. And the drink - wine is also used by the artist by no means by chance. By the faces of the characters you can judge that they are having a lively conversation, discussing something specific.

The atmosphere in the room is quite comfortable, sometimes even elegant, but the author depicts a minimal number of furniture and household items. Vermeer carefully prescribes every detail of the interior, emphasizes the prospect of having tiles and a window frame. The room, although it contains a minimum of things, does not look empty. The outfits of women and men are elegant, the artist dresses his characters with style, emphasizing the idleness of the evening.

Jan Vermeer very skillfully conveyed the mystery of a meeting between two people, outlined a distinct image of intimacy, and in addition, managed to show a difficult situation in the relations of the depicted people. Here there is an assumption that the author wanted to capture an event from his personal life on canvas.

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