Description of the painting by Rafael Santi “Coronation of Mary”

Description of the painting by Rafael Santi “Coronation of Mary”

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The work was written in 1502-1503 for the altar of Oddi. An interesting fact when creating this canvas was the fact that the artist did not independently determine the main components of the image. At the same time, his favorite religious theme in the early stages of creativity found its admirers.

Speaking of the upper part of the canvas, there is a certain borrowing of silhouettes from the work of Perugino's "Ascension of Our Lady". At the same time, Rafael gave preference to a careful prescription of the altar location, as well as persons and other important religious elements located in the work. Thus, one can note the impressive superiority of the student over the teacher.

In this picture you can consider the acquaintance of the creator with the beautiful elevations of Rome and Florence. As you know, Raphael was an avid traveler, wanting to enrich his spiritual world and dissolve in the deep greatness of the environment. A similar manner affected his work.

Considering the work, one cannot but pay attention to the minimized difference between the so-called participants in the canvas. Thus, the artist wanted to emphasize the idea of ​​the closeness of the Christian soul with the saints.

Traditionally, Mary is presented in a blue cloak covering her head. Angels and patrons settled down on each side. Contemporaries described their feelings after viewing the picture, talking about the presence of a feeling of lightness and “airiness”, and musical instruments on the upper tier of the canvas seemed to give a melody of calm through the image. They are presented in the picture as a solemn element with which Mary is met in heaven.

The lower tier of the picture is presented as an expectation. Christians observe the coronation process, putting aside their usual affairs. Here we can say about the unity of people thanks to Mary and her importance in religion.

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