Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Forest before a thunderstorm”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Forest before a thunderstorm”

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This work can rightfully be considered the most colorful in the artist’s work. Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin had a weakness for landscapes, considering them the main inspiration for his paintings. In the future, his paintings will become a kind of symbolism of Russian open spaces. The artist himself was called the "forest hero" due to the many canvases on this subject.

Speaking of this picture, the most invisible at first glance strokes are clearly drawn here. The whole composition as a whole represents the very moment of calm before the raging elements, conveying the deep silence of nature around. The horizon line distinctly divided the canvas into two levels, where the upper one is filled with life-giving moisture, which is about to fall down. The lower level is presented in the form of exhausted nature, so vehemently eager to get that very moisture.

Specialists note the excellent craftsmanship over the levels and complexity of color, which the master has repeatedly used in his work. Here there is an abundance of green and blue shades, so realistically conveying the mood and atmosphere of the picture itself. The viewer is literally transported to the forest, feeling the approach of a thunderstorm. However, the canvas is not overloaded with unnecessary details, which allows you to enjoy natural harmony.

Shishkin depicted a smooth transition of celestial colors from harmless blue to deep blue, which in this case symbolizes the main idea of ​​the picture - an approaching thunderstorm. Contemporaries noted that when viewing the work, there was a desire to walk along forest paths, feeling the atmosphere, listen to the silence around, and wait for the first drops of rain.

Such an effect was achieved by Ivan Ivanovich, carefully focusing his attention on the bewitching tranquility of nature in spite of the elements. Today, the picture is located in the Taganrog Art Gallery.

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