Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel "Sea King"

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel

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In his work, Mikhail Vrubel paid much attention to the embodiment of fairy-tale characters. He painted magic birds, painted dishes with images of sea princesses, sculpted goblin and mermaids. His works are extraordinary, strange and incomprehensible. Perhaps the artist’s unusual vision is related to his lifestyle. Mikhail Vrubel spent a lot of money on alcohol and women, he passionately played card games. Towards the end of his life, the master suffered from mental disabilities.

In his work, Vrubel repeatedly sang the theme of the sea and water in general. Underwater scum seemed to him especially attractive. He carefully painted dresses of sea maidens, portrayed unprecedented fish and lords of the depths. What exactly is associated with such a passion is unknown.

In 1903, one of Vrubel’s numerous works, The Sea King, saw the light of day. The master made it from ceramics and covered it with bright blue-blue glaze resembling gzhel. The work is quite delicate. Many twists, the swiftness of the waves, the riot of the sea embodied in the work. In addition to the image of the face of the ruler of the depths, relief prints of fish are part of the composition. "Sea Tsar" is part of the collection of the State Russian Museum.

"Sea King", like many other works of the author, puts aside the feeling of slight madness. Creative in this case is beyond adequate perception of the world. It is especially worth noting that Vrubel’s work bears a certain demonic imprint. In addition, he uses the method of painting and crystallinity in his work, which makes his works recognizable at first sight.

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