Description of the painting Vasily Perov "Fishermen"

Description of the painting Vasily Perov

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Another name for this painting is Priest, Deacon and Seminar. This satirical canvas depicts two church workers pulling out a complete net; a seminarist on the shore is preparing a bucket to put fish into it.

The faces of the participants in the sketch are masterfully spelled out; the priest’s strained but enlightened expression contrasts with the gloomy, discontented and as if frightened face of the seminarian. Most likely, this kid was sprinkled enough at the seminary - at any moment he expects a trick from the elders, and the hard work obviously scares him.

The background is registered with a reference to the masters of Renaissance painting, translating a banal plot in fact into a biblical one. Seagulls against a stormy sky, characteristic rocks and rare bushes near the water - such a background in the Middle Ages was typical for the image of the Madonna.

Vasily Perov was born out of wedlock; and, although after his birth, his parents were married, he did not have the right to bear his father's surname - Kridener. This situation left a certain imprint on the character of the artist. In all the documents he had the name Vasilyev, but later Vasily replaced her with the nickname Perov.

The artist’s paintings are realistic and truthful, but, in addition, they have two distinctive qualities - gloomy severity and satirism. The artist loves the contrasting oppositions of the heroes to each other, due to which the satirical effect is usually enhanced. Basically, Perov portrayed the dark, unsightly sides of life, simultaneously making fun of his characters. And only in the last years of his life the artist’s paintings gained a brighter, lighter color, and the depicted scenes became more lively and worldly.

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