Description of the painting by Alexei Bogolyubov “Sea View”

Description of the painting by Alexei Bogolyubov “Sea View”

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Marina, translated from Italian, is a picture that depicts the sea. In France, even created the official title of painter of the Navy. This title is given to outstanding painters who like to portray the sea on their canvases. A.P. Bogolyubov is one of the outstanding artists who can proudly wear this title.

Bogolyubov became interested in painting while studying at the Naval Cadet Corps in St. Petersburg. A great influence on the future paintings of Bogolyubov, had a great artist - I. Aivazovsky. It is under the influence of his paintings that Alexei begins to paint marines in the spirit of romanticism. Since 1853, he wrote a large number of paintings that are dedicated to the history of the Russian Navy. Thanks to this series, he became an outstanding historiographer, a marine painter.

A. Bogolyubov, having come under the influence of the Barbizon school, began to use their traditions - the mood of his paintings was further and further simpler, colors (which united by a common tone) - more refined. At the same time, he did not lose his manner of conveying the landscape as it is in the picture. His last works began to be performed more in the manner of impressionism.

The artist’s work is closely connected with the ideological and realistic art of Russian Wanderers.

In 1885, with the assistance of Bogolyubov, an art museum named after A. N. Radishchev (Bogolyubov’s grandfather) was created in Saratov. A little later, a drawing school was opened at the museum.

The artist died in Paris, buried in St. Petersburg.

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