Description of the painting by Sergey Vinogradov “In the Church”

Description of the painting by Sergey Vinogradov “In the Church”

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Russian art brought up many Russian masters, whose works we can still admire. In the years 1880-1889. Graduate of the Moscow School of Architecture and Painting. He studied with such teachers as Illarion Pryanishnikov and Vasily Polenov. He was repeatedly seen at the drawing evenings, which were conducted by Vasily Polenov. Since 1888 he bore the title of class artist. Since 1916 - a member of the Academy of Arts.

The artist loved to depict church subjects. His favorite church holiday was Easter, which he associated with faith in a brighter future, life, and fulfillment of all hopes. Possessed a great diligence, patience. Thanks to this, he managed to achieve creative heights, leaving critical realism far behind.

In 1890 he painted his painting “In the Church”. We see depicted on the canvas praying figures who bowed before the altar of the Mother of God. Despite the fact that the figures are painted in dark, gloomy colors, the picture itself does not look like this - it seems so bright, promising hope to believers. The picture is filled with air, sun and light.

Sergey Vinogradov was pleased to take part in exhibitions held by the community of artists, art associations, and the World of Art. Sergey's canvases were exhibited in different cities of the world - New York, Dusseldorf, Riga, Paris, Berlin, Prague. Since 1923, Vinogradov lived in Latvia. Here he taught painting. In winter (February 5), 1938 he died in Riga, was buried in the Pokrovsky cemetery.

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