Description of the painting by Pavel Krivonogov “The Duel”

Description of the painting by Pavel Krivonogov “The Duel”

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The picture The duel evokes the most patriotic feelings of anyone who sees it, and it does not matter if you are Russian or of another nationality. It is saturated with the strength of spirit and will, because not everyone can part with life for an idea, for a country! Peter Krivonogov sought to convey this belief in the correctness of his ideals on his canvases through the heroes of World War II.

The duel reveals to the world one of the episodes of the great war - the Battle of Kursk. There, German troops concentrating all their best military equipment could not resist the courage of Russian soldiers. The picture tells that the Soviet soldier could go out alone, with a grenade in his hands against any equipment, and it does not matter that he himself will die, because he will not be able to hide from the explosion, the main thing is that the enemy be defeated.

There is some kind of dynamics - it seems that now - there will be an explosion and the fire will absorb the whole picture. It was such feats of our soldiers that sometimes turned, it would seem, a completely predetermined outcome of events, in favor of the Soviet army.

It is difficult to name the plot story, Krivonogov took only a separate episode - a soldier with a bunch of grenades in his hand against an enemy tank. If you look closely, one more subtext of this work becomes clear - an unequal battle takes place in a field full of already ripened breads, so it's time to harvest, but no, blood is shed.

The painting was done in oil paints, the style traditional for Soviet art of that time was socialist realism, nothing innovative, historically true episode with a propaganda note.

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