Description of the painting by Salvador Dali "Landscape Port Lligate"

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali

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The paintings of Salvador Dali are filled with symbols. The artist attached great importance to the cryptography of the soul and claimed that with the help of symbols the subconscious mind shows the soul the right path. Passion for the ideas of psychoanalysis certainly influenced the artist's work. The symbols he invented were supposed to reveal the hidden meaning of the work. The central idea of ​​many paintings was the contradiction between the hard shell of the body and the plastic world of emotions. Most of the characters allow a versatile interpretation.

Angels appear as a symbol of a mystical union of lofty feelings, and swans have become for the master a symbol of eternal life. Often there are deliberately violated proportions that accentuate the look at some fragment of the picture. They are also a kind of symbols.

On the canvases of the artist often appears the same landscape. These are places where a small artist was often brought as a child - Cadaqués. Later, he himself repeatedly returned here and built a house there.

Sea, coast and sky. Three large layers that form the basis of the composition are made in a muffled, close color scheme. Only bright spots of the sun, coastal terrace and dark islands outline the borders of space.

Against the background of this relative homogeneity, a thin figure of an angel stands out, holding out his hands to a person. And it blows with a feeling of longing, mixed with hope from a lonely silhouette at the water's edge. Who knows, maybe he will wait for his angel?

Art historians have not come to an unequivocal answer about the interpretation of Dali's paintings. And, most likely, they will never come, because everyone sees on the canvas exactly what opens his subconscious.

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