Description of Camille Corot's painting “A gust of wind”

The artist managed to solve the difficult task of combining the features of classicism, romanticism and realism. All this complements each other so organically that it is impossible to draw a clear line. In many paintings, the anticipation of impressionism is visible. The landscape of the master is, first of all, the mood. all trembling, mobility, subtle vibration of nature strings are felt.

The artist did not attach much importance to working with color, he believed that it was more important to show objects in motion. Vibrating strokes and a slight hint of silhouettes helped to achieve the effect of rustling leaves and breath of wind.

In color solutions, the master tried not to repeat the same shade, the paintings breathe transparency and the thrill of the atmosphere.

The decomposition of the primary color into shades with their subsequent placement on the canvas The artist combined a gust of wind with contrasting dots. This gives the picture a special trepidation. Such a bright point in the picture was the woman’s yellow shawl on an almost monochrome background. Its reflections on the vault of heaven give the image volume and a special sense of space.

Gloomy, closed by rapidly rushing heavy clouds, branches, inclined by the wind, and alarming reflections. And against this background, a lonely female figure overcoming the wind. This clearly romantic symbol of the confrontation between man and nature is softened by the game of halftones and a sliding brushstroke, depriving the silhouette of clarity. Changeable lighting enhances anxiety.

The movement of nature and the walking figure is not fully expressed, there is no storm of feelings and riot of nature inherent in romanticism. This is only a small movement, an anticipation of the coming storm, the understatement of future impressionism.

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