Description of the painting by Peter Mondrian “Composition with red, yellow and blue”

Description of the painting by Peter Mondrian “Composition with red, yellow and blue”

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One of the major ideologists of the direction of abstract art. From realistic landscapes, the artist gradually switched to geometric abstraction. Mondrian initially tried to use solid colors in his paintings. He believed that only such a method could objectively convey the harmonious fundamental principle of everything.

It is noteworthy that in addition to directly artistic compositions, Mondrian substantiated his point of view on the trends of geometric abstraction in theoretical works. According to the artist, only perfect geometric shapes can convey perfect harmony. A straight line and a right angle are the primary elements used by the artist. In creating compositions, the master uses three primary colors, and also uses shades of black and white. Mondrian's painting is a whole worldview, where new art helps to comprehend higher communication with the world.

The composition with red, yellow and blue was created in the style of neoplasticism and is considered one of the best works of the author. The combination of straight lines and color inserts, built by the artist according to one known principle, creates a sense of timeless space.

About 70 works were performed in this style, where the dominant place belongs to the correctness of the lines and the equilibrium combination of colors. Pictures - gratings are created over 20 years. Cloths in this series do not have personal names. They are assigned serial numbers. Thus, the artist emphasizes the detachment and desire for ordering at different levels of perception.

Pictures of Lighthouses

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