Description of the painting by Victor Borisov-Musatov “Harmony”

Description of the painting by Victor Borisov-Musatov “Harmony”

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Throughout his work, the artist’s muses were pure and dreamy girls. In the shady corners of gardens, near picturesque ponds or on a bench near the house, they are in their transparent dreams. In his paintings, the master carefully selects the details necessary to create the image. The slight blur and understatement inherent in impressionism adds dreaminess to girlish silhouettes.

Lyrical studies are paintings where there is no far-fetched composition, and only a weightless sensation of beauty guides the hand of the master. Much later Borisov - Musatov developed the monumental - decorative system, always striving for clarity in the construction of the composition. But wandering along the paths of his fictional worlds, the artist, without even suspecting it, was ahead of time.

The combination of color and lighting, the tranquility of nature and human tranquility, a harmonious combination of cold blue and warm pink. From these elements harmony is formed. Not the opposition, but the combination of what seemed to be incompatible, gave such an amazing result. This picture is a dream of what will or could be.

In the center of the green lawn a young man in a purple coat reads verses to girls. The old woman looks at her pupil and quietly rejoices in his beauty and stature. A tall tree behind the bench and an ornamental shrub create a natural frame for the painting. In the distance, the outlines of houses, trees, and a river sinking in the pink light of the sky. A daydream about a happy life, a dream song about beauty and unity with nature, loved ones, native land.

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