Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “Portrait of Gogol”

Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “Portrait of Gogol”

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The famous “Portrait of Gogol” was painted by the author Alexander Ivanovich Ivanov in 1841. The picture was painted using canvas and oil, size 14x13. Currently, the picture is stored in the State Museum of St. Petersburg. The famous painter working in the genre of historical paintings.

Portrait of N. In Gogol is one of not many portraits that Ivanov painted. The artist approached the portrait with special trepidation and zeal. Ivanov respected and honored Gogol, he took a long look at the appearance of Nikolai Vasilievich. Contemporaries are of the opinion that it is precisely the portrait of Gogol painted by Ivanov that is the true lifetime image of the poet. The portrait was commissioned by Zhukovsky. The author of the work decided to write the work not from nature, but from portraits that he himself had already written.

It is not difficult for an artist to paint a portrait; he captures the finest details, depicting them on canvas. The portrait painted by Ivanov is considered one of the poet’s successful portraits; he not only conveyed similarities, but also showed the poet’s psychological state. The image is chest-shaped, placed in an oval frame. Gogol is wearing a bright red robe, from under which you can see a white shirt. The poet is depicted in a thoughtful, tense and at the same time supportive form. His face shows thoughtfulness and sadness. There are no unnecessary details that would distract the viewer from the person of Gogol. A striking resemblance, Ivanov very accurately describes the facial features of the poet. The portrait is painted in restrained colors, a small number of colors give it severity and singularity, as if in the image Gogol comes to life. Appears to the viewer in ordinary clothes, the absence of unnecessary accessories, all this gives a romantic image, which corresponds to that era.

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