Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir "Big Boulevards"

Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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The canvas of the famous French painter Pierre Auguste Renoir conveys the landscape of one of the streets of Paris. The picture is filled with sunlight illuminating the entire street and people passing by.

On the right side of the art is a massive bright building. The painting was written in the style of impressionism, therefore, according to this stylization, all objects are extremely detailed. The windows and recesses of the building are traced only by alternating light dark and light strokes, and on the roof of the building weak impregnations of vegetation are traced. A large part of the structure is covered by a series of trees. They consist of a duet of delicate yellow and green. The branches of the trees are depicted chaotically, and the tops are directed straight into the sky. Expressive strokes make the plants look like flames upward - it resembles trees from the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.

In the central part of the picture is a collection of people striving somewhere for their business, walking along a light paved road. It depicts a woman with two children, and two men conducting a conversation, and a carriage with beautiful white horses. The crowd consists of a variety of people, differing from each other in age and class. In the far part of the canvas, brush strokes are hinted at, hinting at the crowd going forward. Most of the left side of the picture is covered with leaves of a tree with a thin trunk, the color scheme of which is dominated by dark green color, smoothly shimmering in golden and white colors.

Unlike the group of trees located on the right, the leaves and contours of the tree are drawn more clearly. Near the tree is a black lantern, the contours of which are clearer than the rest of the figures in the picture. On the right side of the work above is another lantern. The location of these structures at a certain distance from each other gives the composition a greater volume and depth of perspective.

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