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Description of the picture Francois Boucher

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Francois Boucher’s painting “Forest Landscape with Soldiers” was painted by him in 1740.

It depicts two soldiers on the river in the middle of the forest. The picture due to the clarity and detail of the image is very realistic.

The trunks of trees have a corrugated structure of the tree bark. The foliage and needles on the branches of trees have natural greens. The tops of massive trees stretch up to the pale blue sky.

As for the sky, the artist depicted him as bright blue with a complete absence of clouds. On one side of the canvas, a small cluster of clouds floats smoothly over it.

On the far bank of the river is a forest. The roots of the nearest trees seem to be buried in the river and flow into their reflection. On the near bank, on a hill, two soldiers are depicted.

They are engaged in conversation, and their weapons are stacked nearby, which makes it possible to judge more about their vacation on the shore than about a warlike mood.

The relief of the coast is clear, in writing, his artist used a wide palette of pastel shades.

The main focus of the picture are massive trees and a river, with a mirror reflection of the sky and forest. The viewer is as if immersed in the reality of the landscape depicted. The mixed forest, as if conveying the noise of foliage, and the river beckons with its coolness.

Frasua Boucher is not just an artist, he is the brightest representative of the Rococo era and was not limited only to painting. His work is so diverse and multifaceted that it is difficult to limit itself to the characteristics of the color palette used by him and the perspectives in which he paints images. He emotionally highly conveys what he considers necessary to display on his canvases. So the picture "Forest Landscape with Soldiers" is depicted in an interesting perspective.

Currently, the picture of Francois Boucher "Forest Landscape with Soldiers" is in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

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