Description of the painting by Ilya Repin "Portrait of P. S. Stasova"

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin

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The painting is dedicated to the amazing woman Poliksene Stepanovna Stasova. She was an active public figure. Fought for the rights of women and advocated the need for their education. The artist tried to convey the inner world of the famous Russian woman.

On the canvas is a woman. She is sitting on a high-backed chair. The chair is made of dark wood, varnished. The soft upholstery of the piece of furniture is made of velvety green fabric in a dark speck. Such a light, soft upholstery of the chair favorably sets off and emphasizes the figure of Poliksen Stasova. Such furniture has always been exclusively among wealthy people, which indicates a good position of Stasova in society. Their family has plenty, and it can do socially useful work, instead of hard domestic work. Another small luxury item at work is a gold watch on the lady's right hand. Perhaps these are all the details indicating the wealth of the Stasov family. She put her left hand on the arm of the chair.

We see that this is a modest woman dressed in a black long dress. There are no patterns or embroidery on it. Only small black ruffles are visible at the top of the dress. Instead of a collar, a small white frill is seen on Stasova. This detail of the wardrobe is also repeated on the cuffs of the woman - wide white ruffles are knocked out from under the sleeves. Stasova's hair is loose. The woman only secured them a little to the back of her head, allowing the magnificent black hair to lie freely on her shoulders.

Stasova Poliksena is no longer young, she is already 40 years old at the time of painting. The woman is shown a little tired. It is immediately clear that she gives a lot of strength and energy to her business. Her eyes are calm, a little stern, but still radiate kindness. Her lips are shown in a slight smile, her right eyebrow is raised.

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