Description of the painting by Vasily Rozhdestvensky “Portrait of the artist’s wife”

Description of the painting by Vasily Rozhdestvensky “Portrait of the artist’s wife”

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“Portrait of the artist’s wife” is one of the many works of Vasily Vasilyevich Rozhdestvensky. It is worth noting that, choosing a name for the work, the artist went along a very simple path. In world art, there are a lot of works with that name. Thus, artists around the world, including Vasily Rozhdestvensky, create an artificial areola of mystery around work. This painting depicts the artist’s wife, but, based on the name, we can’t say exactly whose. Also, the artist seemed to move away from the canvas, looking at the image from a completely different angle. As a result: the image of a mysterious stranger. The artist, as if with a fresh look, is again looking at the woman. For the first time she sees her facial features, her figure.

The woman depicted in the center of the work is, as it were, a collective way. The artist offers us to get acquainted with the ideal, canonical woman. Only such a lady should be the second half of a true artist. We see that the woman is depicted in full growth. There is a certain theatricality in her pose. The right leg is manfully set aside. The left hand is in the chest area, it seems that the woman is even trying to bare herself, to pull off the collar of the dress to show her body. She is not afraid to pose. But in her view there is some degree of distrust or discontent. The woman’s eyes are dark, strict.

On the woman is a dress on the floor. It is difficult to determine the exact color of the outfit - something in between turquoise and blue. Due to the sweeping technique, the letters of the paint are mixed, creating volume and embossment of the fabric. A special detail of the outfit is a black jewelry on the neck. This wide velvet ribbon tied in a small bow is a very risky and challenging accessory.

Woman posing leaning on a grand piano. Musical instruments are scattered on top of the musical instrument. The artist’s wife must belong to the creative community, she must also be a man of art.

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