Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "Bathing Sheep"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Created in 1877, materials - canvas, oil; dimensions - 46 by 62 cm. Exhibited at the V.P. Sukachev Art Museum, Irkutsk, Russia.

The impressed artist devoted several works to this topic, the most famous of which is in Odessa. This one is distinguished by pastel lightness, it is hard to believe that such an effect could be achieved with oil. The upper part of the picture is a soft, incredibly airy and very warm sky. The golden and transparent pink rays of the rising sun are scattered across it. On the right, the horizon is almost indistinguishable from the calm sea, and on the left is indicated by weightless, light lilac-violet coastal mountains. Against their background, the ships drawn in thin lines seem to be full of magic. It was as if they had not yet woken up to the end and did not spread their sail-wings.

In such a majestic and pacifying landscape, noisy drovers and their large herd seem superfluous and too prosaic. They are busy with their own affairs and do not pay attention to the incredible beauty of the moment, which the painter caught and conveyed on canvas. But such is the whole human life.

Interestingly, when creating the foreground, the master used a completely different, mostly unusual technique - small, multidirectional strokes that emphasize details and are rich in color that are characteristic of the impressionists. Green, ocher and orange-brown, he writes the coast, where pebbles and blades of grass are visible. The wool of the sheep does not look white - reflections from the earth and the sky lay on it in semitones. And if the animals closest to the viewer are detailed, then as they move away, coming out of the water, it seems as if they are slightly blurred. This happens when you look against the light for a long time.

The lower left edge of the canvas is contrasted with the right one, the darkest on the entire canvas, here it seems that from the very depths of the sea a dark green and yellowish-bog color appears. This dark spot reminds of last night and balances the complex composition.

Firsov Young Painter

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