Description of the sculpture of Theodosius Fedorovich Shchedrin “Venus”

Description of the sculpture of Theodosius Fedorovich Shchedrin “Venus”

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Venus is the goddess of beauty and youth. Theodosius Shchedrin created this sculpture, intending to convey his idea of ​​female beauty.

The woman, presented in the form of a sculpture, amazes the viewer with the smoothness and accuracy of her forms. The construction of her figure is characterized by softness and undulation, and the pose in which she stands is associated with calm and leisurely. So, the girl is depicted after bathing. Having just stepped out of the water, Venus wipes moisture from the body with a tissue held in her hand, leaning slightly forward. With one foot, a beautiful individual leaned on a root that looked out of the water, her face conveys a little fatigue, and her lips are slightly curved in a smile. Femininity and tenderness overwhelms a beautiful girl, although facial features are not so easy to see. Despite the calm posture, Venus radiates movement, starting with a slight tilt of the head and ending with a slightly forward leg.

Contrary to the canons of creating sculptures, this work of art is unique in some way, since the master embodied his ideal of a beautiful girl, sensual and feminine. Despite the tradition of drawing the goddess of love, this heroine is depicted thinner, and her torso is noticeably visible, despite the smoothness and curvature of the figure. The shadows of the marble sculpture are not drawn, they fall naturally due to protrusions and indentations on the body.

One cannot but pay attention to the workshop transferring the texture of the image: for example, the master paid attention to the folds of the fabric held in his hand, the texture of the hair, the roughness of the protruding tree and the smoothness of the shore on which the goddess stands. The ideal is what the author wanted to convey. And no doubt, he managed to portray a beautiful woman radiating sensuality, tenderness and peace.

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